Ap Tour Shows 14 22

AP Tour- Shows 14-22
04/09/08 | by harfordsound

Basically, to sum up the first week of April:


A whole lot of nothing…

Im not going to cover each gig, as some of them were pretty uneventful. Ill just highlight the better gigs.

Sat/3-29 Seattle, WA El Corazon - SOLD OUT

This was a rather small club. How they managed to pack 750 kids into this room, I still dont know… It was a pretty cool show. A ton of kids in a small room and lots of crowd interaction. Pretty easy show.

Tue/4-01 Denver, CO Boulder Theatre - SOLD OUT

What a day for this show… This was the show that almost didnt happen. We had to get from UT to CO, and the only way to do it was to take I-80. However, a bad snowstorm had just passed through and the highway was completely shut down. Road damage, stranded cars, car crashes and a lot of snow. We drove as far as we could on 80 and then played the waiting game. All of the buses lined up at a truck stop 30 miles from where it was closed and we hoped for the best. At 4am, we were still waiting, so I went to bed. The next day I wake up and we are driving. Im thinking to myself, “It’s 1pm, we should be loading in right now.” I ask Matt whats going on, only to find that we are still 4 hours from the venue. Oh crap. Is the show going to happen, or are we not going to make it? 4pm approaches and traffic stops. Theres a 4 car crash and the highway is closed. We are quick to take an exit and get a detour. Ok, it’s getting down to the wire now. 6pm doors, and its already 5pm. We finally arrive to the venue at 5:30pm, only to find out that The Rocket Summer is still 40min away. We get doors pushed back and hope for the best. I also find out that Forever the Sickest kids never made it to the venue. They got stuck in the snow and couldnt make it. So, 4 bands instead of 5. No sound check.

The gig ended up being pretty fun! The PA system was all ohmbru boxes and ended up sounds good. A lot of midrange, but nothing a little EQ couldnt fix. The subs were slamming, and the crowd was loving it. For a show that almost didnt happen, it ended up working out pretty well.

Thu/4-03 Chicago, IL House Of Blues - SOLD OUT

I love the House of Blues. This was a really cool room. We had to drive underground to load in. And then it was up a freight elevator to the stage. The room itself was 3 levels tall, and the architecture was pretty amazing. Everything sounded great, and it was another successful night.

I had an interesting run of events though. When I was walking back from the bus to the venue, some cop starting flipping out on me. He was calling me names, telling me this was a multi million dollar operation, and Im an idiot trying to look all official, that Ill never get away with this and blah blah blah. He basically went on for about 5 minutes before I finally said “can I go back to work now?” He almost flipped before realizing that I was working and not just some random kid. Apparently, there was some other kid that looked a lot like me that was trying to sneak in and cause trouble. He had a fake all access pass too. I stood there and took the dudes crap for 5 min straight. He apologized and we went on with life, but man, that was retarded… He said “I owe you one” and if I ever get into any trouble, that he would help me out.

But, back to the show. I love HOB:


A little off topic, but man, patching 2 splits at the snake head can really get messy:


Sat/4-05 Toronto, ON Phoenix Theatre - SOLD OUT

I hate Canada. No cell service, no internet and customs. The show itself was pretty decent, nothing really special to talk about. I had an Adamson rig in there, and it just lacked the get up and go needed to rock out. Not very thrilled at all…

Tue/4-08 Worcester, MA Palladium

I’ll tell you about this one later.

Thats all for now kids… Look for a special edition coming very soon…

Back to the world of rock and rolll…

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