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AP Tour: End of tour!
05/04/08 | by harfordsound

Today marked the final day of the AP Tour 2008. It was quite the bittersweet end to an amazing tour. We played the Cleveland House of Blues, with a sold out crowd of 1300 kids. We couldnt have asked for a better end to an amazing tour. The kids were amazing, the show was amazing and everything went very smoothly. PA, as with any HOB was quite nice. I had 8 Electro-Voice XLC127 mains per side, and matching EV subs. I have become quite fond of this rig. It sounds great, and really gets loud. It was a great system to end the show on. I hardly had to touch the EQ, except to dial some of the highs out.

This show had a lot of twists and turns as we did one final show together. During All Time Low’s set, we had a guest singer come out on Coffee Shop Sound track. He did a pretty good job, and interacted with the crowd quite well:


Then, during All Time Low’s cover of “Umbrella,” Sonny Moore came out and sang. Talk about a rough song. he forgot just about every word to the song, and Alex had to help him out. But, it made for an interesting song.


Finally, during All Time Low’s final song, just about everyone came out on stage to rock out one last song. They all grabbed guitars, mics, or whatever else they could find and jammed one last time. It was quite a site to see everyone on stage. Though, the song was a complete mess. Not to mention, since they dont run any monitors, no one could really hear anything on stage…


Overall, it was a great show. I had a blast. The show went very well, and everyone had a great time. We couldnt have gotten a better venue to end the tour…


This tour was a complete success, and probably the most fun I’ve had all year. I’ve met so many amazing people over the past 8 weeks, and we’ve all become a family. It was tough to say a final goodbye to some of the guys. I really hope to cross paths with everyone again. It was fun working with everyone, and we all got along great. I sometimes wish this tour could keep going, but at the same time, Im kind of happy to finally be going home. We have 2 final shows this weekend before we finally head home. MTVU campus invasion on Saturday, and Bamboozle on Sunday. It’s going to be a fun weekend…

Picture time!

Forever the Sickest Kids:


The Matches:

Our homes:

AP bus:

Matt Flyzik:

Myself and Brent(TRS Sound):

Kyle(TRS guitar Tech):

Myself, Danny(TRS Guitar Tech), Kris(FTSK Guitar Tech):


RH(Sonny manager):

Seth(TRS Guitarist):


And thats it. This time 8 weeks ago, I was sitting at home waiting for this tour to start. Now Im sitting on the bus wondering what happened to the tour. I cant believe that its already over. You know what they say: Time Flies when your having fun. Well, I must have been having a ton of fun, because time just flew by! I had a blast, and I cant wait for the future tours…

Off to the festivals…

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