Ap Tour Day Whatever

AP tour- Day whatever
03/18/08 | by harfordsound

Wow, Im already losing track of the days… Anyway, it’s been a while since Ive gotten around to updating this. We’ve been very busy, and have covered a lot of miles over the past few days. We’ve gone through a few different time zones, and Im really screwed up right now. But anyway, thats off topic. Lets review the past few days.

First official AP Show: Warehouse live- 1500 cap, 1256 people.

This was a very rough show. Being the first day of the tour, it was complete madness on stage trying to get everything together. It was cool to meet all the other bands. Everyone for the most part is really cool on this tour. Bryce from the Rocket Summer is one of my favorite people on this tour. Anyway, today was madness with the in ear rack. Finding 5 clear frequencies was a pain. I spent a half hour getting them set up. Also, this was the first show that Jon(the fill in drummer) was playing with them. He had no practice beforehand and the only playing he had done was with the CD. Anyway, show time…

Caution: Sound nerd stuff-
This room sucked. Concrete walls all around, and KF850EF’s pointed at the floor. This basically created a death array of 5k in the room. Also add in the fact that the lows were very boomy and it mad for an interesting night. I ended up cutting 160, 250 and 4k almost all the way on the graph, just to get a manageable sound. Now, to top it off, there are a bunch of TV stations that fire up at night in this area. Some of which operate on the same freq. that our ears are on. So, come showtime and the boys are getting static like crazy. It was almost a complete disaster. The good news is that Jon managed to play a very solid set and only had a few mistakes.

Moving along…

Saturday: South by Southwest, 2 shows.

We ditched the in ear rack today. Too much going on, and not enough time to worry about it.

First show was a 400 cap room. Smallish, but it completely rocked. The crowd went insane. It brought back a lot of old memories of playing small venues. The PA was JBL SRX725’s, but have a look at this:


Not what I would call safe…

Anyway, on to the next show: Ernie Ball stage, outdoors. We played at 4pm on the first show, and then rolled all of our gear 412 feet down to the next stage. We set up, and played again at midnight. Talk about a long day. I was completely exhausted after both of the shows. This second show was 18+ and wasnt as packed. It sounded great though. EV Phoenix gear. Didnt take a ton of EQ to sound good.

Finally, last night: Dallas House of Blues- 1625, sold out!

This is my favorite room of the tour thus far. The Pa wasnt anything special, but it really rocked in this room. It was an EV line array, and EV subs. I forget the models, but they sounded really good. I did one of the best mixes of my life. Everything came together, finally. The in ear rack worked flawlessly, and everyone was very happy. Ive gotten stage volume down to nothing, so I now have full control of the sound. Ill show you my secrets soon. But, the show was really good. I had a Midas H2000 out front, and it was a pretty sweet board. A lot cooler then the verona’s Ive had for the last few shows. dB wise, the rig did run out of gas toward then end of their set. I was having issues hitting 105dBA @ FOH. Its really no big deal as it was plenty loud, but I was surprised to see that I was hitting the limiters that soon.

Anyway, Here’s some pictures of the House of Blues. I left my camera on the bus for the other 2 shows, so I dont have any pictures from those shows…


All Time Low


The Rocket Summer


View from my world

And thats it for now…
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