Ap Tour Day Off

AP Tour- Day off!
04/28/08 | by harfordsound

Ah, the joys of sitting around all day doing nothing. We have been busting our butts for the past week, and its nice to relax. Today was supposed to be a tech day of fixing things, but thanks to the weather, we are stuck inside all day while it pours outside… I guess Ill be running around before the show tomorrow trying to do everything…

Since we were stuck inside, it was a good day to clean the bus, so thats exactly what we did:


Oh, and we’d like to welcome another fish to the family:


We call him the Professor. You can also see the other 2 original fish in the background as well. All of them are alive and well…

Well, back to my day off. Another, more detailed update will be coming soon. Hang tight!

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