Ap Tour Day 3 5

AP Tour- Day 3-5
03/12/08 | by harfordsound

Finally, the first show of the tour. We did a spring break show in Texas, and it was pretty rocking. Nothing like a crowd of drunk people rocking out to music they’ve never heard. The crowd last night was crazy, and they really enjoyed the music. Everything went fairly well too. It was an outdoor show, and those are my favorite.

Here’s a look at the stage from my position:


But wait, this is no ordinary stage, it’s actually a barge!


We had to load in over a bridge to the barge, and then carry all the gear up a flight of stairs. It was a pretty cool setup, with the ocean as a backdrop.

The sound system was pretty old school. EAW KF550 tops, and JBL dual 18 subs. It rocked pretty hard, but needed a ton of EQ to sound good. I had to pull 3k all the way down. The limiting factor of the whole rig was the Yamaha M3000 at front of house. That console totally sucks.

But, anyway Rian got a new drum set. It sounds as good as it looks:


It is custom for the new album. I love it.

And just for all you Matt Flyzik fans, heres a view of his world:


IEM monitor console, guitar world and more. He’s got a lot to do during the shows these days.

Next show:
Ware House Live
1500 cap- SOLD OUT



Back to the world of Rock and Roll…

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