Ap Tour 23 End

AP Tour- 23-END!
05/03/08 | by harfordsound

And we’re back. The final shows of the AP Tour. Everything is coming to an end…

So, how have some of the past shows been? Some great and some OK.

Sat/4-19 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution - SOLD OUT

This was a cool place. Sadly, we were treated like crap all day by the crew. It seemed like everyone was in a bad mood that day. Anytime someone would ask a question, they would basically yell at us for asking a question. It took them 30 minutes to patch in my split snake for monitor world. The whole time I was listening to them say “this is a stupid idea, this is such a pain, you guys need to get your act together” and blah blah blah. If you cant deal with a simple monitor split, then you shouldnt be in this business IMO.

But, come show time everything went pretty smoothly. I had 6 Turbosound Floodlights per side and 8 21″ subs to fill out the low end. I was hitting the subs pretty hard all night, but the rest of the rig was just sailing along.


Sun/4-20 St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Landing- SOLD OUT

Another cool show. It was our second outdoor show of the tour. I had 4 EAW KF850’s per side and 12 EAW SB850’s for PA. It did a surprisingly good job for the crowd. We had over 1300 kids there, and they were really into it. I had a great time. Everything went very smoothly.


Tue/4-22 Little Rock, AR Juanitas - SOLD OUT

Ah, the smallest show of the whole tour. A whopping 374 people packed into a little room. We tried so hard to make this an acoustic show, but in the end, everyone ended up playing full band. We somehow packed 5 bands worth of stuff onto a stage smaller then anything else on this tour.

The PA itself was pretty decent for the room, but nothing to brag about. EV MTL2’s, and matching mains. It got loud enough, but because of the small room, Rian’s cymbals were just killer. Thats the only thing that sucks about playing small rooms with a loud drummer. The cymbals just get so loud, and it becomes white noise…

Otherwise it was a pretty decent show. Better then I expected!

Fri/4-25 Milwaukee, WI The Rave - SOLD OUT

Welcome to the haunted mansion of this tour. My camera was dead for this show, but I wish I had it. The vibe walking into this place was pretty creepy. The room had a single light in the middle of the room that cast an erie, orange glow over the whole room. There was one window all the way up at the top of the room that cast a single ray of light into the room. The room was very cold, and all concrete.

Downstairs was the showers. To get to them, you had to walk through a long, dark hallway. There were a few dim lights lighting the path. Upstairs was a massive ballroom. It was almost pitch black, except for a few lights casting weird shadows in the room. You could hear it creaking as you walked around. I had to leave pretty quickly. In the basement is an empty swimming pool. People say ghosts live down there.

Everyone has stories about how the place is haunted. The stories are easy to believe, just because of the vibe of the place.

But, in the end, it ended up being one of the best shows of the tour. I had 4 EAW KF850’s(everyone loves these boxes) flown per side and 8 EAW SB1000z’s. The rig slammed. I had a crufty old Yamaha PM4K @ FOH though. There were a few scratchy pots and faders, otherwise it was pretty solid. I wasnt prepared for the crowd though… I always try to start off the set a little on the quiet side, but that wasnt happening. The crowd was completely over powering the band during the first few songs. The PA was hitting 106dBA, but the crowd was easily over 110dBA. I ended up running with the crowd and keeping it around 110dB at front of house. It was one of the loudest shows of the tour. The crowd was awesome though…

Sat/4-26 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall - SOLD OUT

This was another good show, however: If you think putting 6 60x40 JBL cabs per side is a good idea, then you shouldnt be in this business.

Caution: Sound Nerd Talk: Wow, what a mess for a PA… I forget the model PA, but it was JBL’s venue series speakers. 6 boxes per side, stacked 3x2. No splay, no EQ, no nothing. As I walked across the floor, I could hear all the comb filtering going on between the speakers. It was a mess. It sounded entirely different in each spot of the room. At Front of House, I could move my head around from side to side and hear all the different horn patterns combining right at my location. It was pretty bad. I wish I would have gotten pictures of the stacks. Sure it got loud, but man, it didnt sound good at all.

Tue/4-29 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place - SOLD OUT

We went back in time visiting this venue. I had a mono PA cluster in the middle of the room. Wow. Mono? Yes, I said mono! If you’ve ever been to this venue, you also know how small it is. The capacity is 750. However, we managed to fit 1004 kids in this place… It was hot, sweaty and crowded. You couldnt move at all if you were buried in the crowd.

Poor kids:

Now, if you think this was just going to be another smooth show, you are completely wrong. Just about everything that could go wrong did. It all started in Jasey Ray. About 30 seconds into the song, the right side of the stage lost power. No, we didnt blow any breakers, Alex Greico, our wonderfuly clumsy drum tech pulled power out of the wall when he was wondering around behind the cabs. Luckily we got things back up and running pretty quick. But, it didnt stop there. Next up, the other side of the stage lost power! One of the fans on stage managed to pull the power cord out of the wall on the other side of the stage! It took Matt a little while to figure this one out. Alex ended up singing the rest of the song alone, and it turned out pretty cool.

But wait, theres more still! All of the power amps for the PA were located at Front of House. Directly under the mixer, and right in front of my knee. Yup, you guessed it. I turned off about 4 different amps throughout the set… I kept kneeing the amps and hitting the power switch. That sucked…

Otherwise, the show went pretty smoothly…

Thu/5-01 Pittsburgh, PA Diesel - SOLD OUT

Night clubs gone rock. Not exactly what you’d expect, right? This room was clearly a night club with a stage tossed up at one of the room. It was a very small room, with 2 levels. Upstairs was only 21+, while downstairs was all ages. Well, seeing that 99.995% of ATL’s fans are under 21, the downstairs was PACKED. Meanwhile, we had about 100 moms and dads watching upstairs. Now, it would have been great if I was downstairs with all the kids, but NO! I was crammed upstairs at the ledge of the balcony. And the best part is, I couldnt even hear the PA downstairs. Now, a smart club would put the same model fills upstairs to cover the top. But again, no, my life cant be easy… EAW KF650z’s downstairs, and EAW LA460’s upstairs… They sounded completely different… Now wait, to top it off, the downstairs was sooo packed, that I couldnt even get down there to listen. Right at the bottom of the steps was a wall of kids. So, I was stuck upstairs all night guessing what it sounded like down there… Not a fun night at all.

Fri/5-02 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues - SOLD OUT

This is the final show of the AP Tour. I’ll tell you about it next time…

Back to the world of Rock and Roll…

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