Alternative Press Podcast and Every Avenue!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Alternative Press Podcast and Every Avenue!

Jack here writing to you all from our lovely hotel in Hawaii. I'm at a loss for words how awesome this place is, don't think I ever want to leave!

While we were on the BLG tour, we stopped by the lovely offices of Alternative Press and did a podcast with one of their editors, Scott Heisel. Click HERE to listen and enjoy some acoustic songs and some jibber jabber.

Also, our dear friends in Every Avenue (whom you all might remember from the Manwhores tour) just released their first ever full length today, so we want to say congrats to them. Even though its only February, this is my favorite pop rock album of 2008 and it will be yours soon. Make sure you all download it over at iTunes by clicking the cute little thingy below. All of you guys need to pick this shit up foosheezy


Now pardon me while I go soak up some Hawaii sun 8-)

PS - make sure you vote for us on TRL


2:43 PM

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