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Sunday, October 01, 2006
All Time Low ringtones!
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Whadafuxup myspace?

Its the 21st century, and unless you live under a rock in the middle of Uzbekistan in the wilderness with live bears, beetles, and cobras, you have a cellphone. Add some razzle dazzle into your life by buying yourselves some ATL ringtones! They just became available a few days ago. They're available for all SPRINT, VERIZON, CINGULAR, T-MOBILE, and other customers! Just check it out and see for yourself and add some spice to your life by making ATL your default ring!

Thanks to everyone who has been coming out to all the shows. We couldn't have asked for a better reception from all our fans and friends on the West Coast. You guys seriously rule! Make sure you all come to our next couple shows with Hit The Lights and Sugarcult and definitely make sure to check us out at THE BAMBOOZLE LEFT.

Thats all for now kiddos. Show us some love by posting any pictures you have from us on our comments! Also make sure to pick up the new EP from our buddies in Hometown Anthem over at Smartpunk !!

wol emit lla

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