Aim Chat At 8pm Est Tonight Update

Monday, March 12, 2007
AIM Chat at 8pm EST. Tonight! *UPDATE

Slight change of plans!

We've realized that AIM chatrooms can only hold 50 people at a time, and thus, have had to mix things up a bit. The four of us will be logged in on four seperate screen names, in four seperate chat rooms, rather than just all of us on one.

I (Alex)will be on the screen name ATLvideo
Jack will be on ATLvideo2
Rian will be on ATLvideo3
and Zack will be on ATLvideo4

All you have to do to join a chat room is send a message to one of the screen names and we'll invite you in.
The chat session will go from 8pm EST to 9pm EST.

Talk to you all soon!
Keep watching the video!

11:55 AM

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