8 Weeks Later

8 weeks later
05/17/08 | by harfordsound

Wow, I forgot how boring home life was. Im completely bored out of my mind during the day and have to come up with new things daily to entertain myself. I miss the road. I miss waking up in a new city each day, facing a new challenge and dealing with new people. I miss the screaming fans and the sold out shows. I’ve done a total of 2 local shows since Ive been home, and Ive been pretty bored at both of them. The smaller crowds, with much less energy just isnt the same.

The AP tour was one of the most fun things Ive done in a long time, and at the same time one of the hardest things Ive done in a long time. It was a ton of fun with the guys, but it was hard being away from home and the ones I love. Would I do it again? You know it. I had a blast touring the country and doing what I love every night.

This time 8 weeks ago I was counting down the days until I left for tour. It was going to be a new experience with a lot of new things for me. And just as fast as it came, it’s over. I cant believe how fast this tour flew by. I had so much fun throughout the tour and met a lot of great people along the way. We all became a family over the tour, and it was weird not seeing them on the last 2 days. I really hope I get to cross paths with everyone again in the future.

Im really looking forward to future tours. All Time Low is really getting big, and I jumped on the train just in time. I have a great band to work with, and a great crew to support them. Matt Flyzik really runs a tight ship and keeps things running smoothly. Alex Grieco is a great drum tech as well. For the fall tour, Ben will be joining us to do lights for All Time Low. Who knows what else the future holds. I really hope I get to bring my own console on the winter tour, and future tours. These guys have a ton of potential, and I just hope I get to stick around for the rest of the ride.

This is what I’ve wanted to do all of my life. I feel like Im living my dream right now. I’ve watched these guys grow up over the years, and always got excited when I got to work with them locally. It’s been a dream come true for me. I never thought this would really happen, but it finally is. Life is great.

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