3 On 3 Football

Friday, September 29, 2006
3 on 3 Football

It feels funny that I tend to post these things when the bags under my eyes feel heavier than the ones I keep my wardrobe in. Haha - That aside, I feel like I'm flying. Make sense? No, but who's asking?

How are you? Its an important question to ask yourself from time to time.

Mental condition: Good
Health: Good

Alright — Checklist's complete for now.

So, as I speak, several of the guys from Amber Pacific and myself are outside of the bus playing 3 on 3 football with an unopened roll of bounty paper towel in the parking lot of a Best Western Hotel, Bakersfield, CA. We were originally playing in the street but a police officer drove by and asked us if it was "the best place to be playing football right now…"
Keep in mind its 4:17am.
There's no traffic besides you, officer, so… Yes… yes it is. Now if you'll excuse us, you're in my endzone.

But for real… I'm having the time of my life. What I want to know is, what are YOU up to?
I've noticed that people are actually posting replies to my blogs, so now's the time to hit me back.

Thank you for reading, but lets get to know eachother a little better.

'til next time,


ps. Hello, Vodka.

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